lauantai 15. helmikuuta 2014

Kiirettä ollut..

Nyt ajattelin ottaa itseäni niskasta kiinni ja kirjoittaa.. On aika mennyt niin nopeasti verkkosivujen tekemisessä ym. asioissa ettei sitten ole jaksanut/ehtinyt tänne enää mitään kirjoittelemaan.

Tekemistä siis on ollut aivan tarpeeksi ja nyt vielä on tulossa muutto kuun vaihteessa. Joten ei tarvitse miettiä mitä tekisi. sivuille on tulossa artikkeleita lähi viikkoina, kaikki kukkasidontaa liittyen. Ystävänpäiväksi jo pieni artikkeli julkaistiin.


Huhtikuussa on tulossa myös ensimmäinen e-kirja myyntiin englanniksi ja suomeksi. ja tässä siitä pieni esittely englanniksi (suomeksi tulossa myöhemmin)

Blooms and Blessings

There is nothing like a vase of fresh-cut flowers to really add life and beauty to a room.  Whether it's a simple posy of wildflowers gathered by an eager child or a costly bouquet of the finest imported blooms, flowers lift the spirits and add that special custom touch to décor.  Look in any decorating magazine - even in a kitchen done up in the latest steel and ceramic, odds are if there isn't a bowl of Granny Smith apples or lemons on the counter, there will be a slim vase holding an orchid or, if the kitchen is rustic, there will be a vase of daisies or daffodils. 

That's how it is today, but throughout human history, flowers have been so much more than a cute decorative touch.  They have served as medicine and were even used to communicate between individuals and with the gods.  The medical properties of flowering plants have been well documented.  The language of flowers is also well known, wherein each flower was assigned a specific meaning, so that a bouquet or posy or even the designs displayed by the coquettish fluttering of a painted fan carried on entire conversations on the sly.  You could say it was the first SMS.

Less attention has been paid to the significance of flowers in religious rituals.  Flowers are traditional at weddings and funerals, but hardly anyone talks about or even knows about the significance of the  "traditional" flowers offered at these and other rituals of religious moment.  Today's commercial offerings, chosen for appearance and shelf life, could, in another culture and another time, have caused embarrassment by expressing inappropriately high praise or even have caused the gravest offense.

This book is an exploration of the deep spiritual connection various human cultures have with flowers, a connection that first appears in archeological records 13,000 years ago with the death of a father and his son.  

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